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New Year Gift Basket Ideas

New Year Gift Baskets of appreciation filled with Gourmet Food, snacks, chocolates, desserts, cookies, fruits are always a delight to give and receive on New Year. A New Year Gift Basket can contain a lot many things in different price ranges. The best thing about New Year Gift Baskets is they can never look inexpensive and dull.With so many goodies packed into one, the New Year Gift basket gets a rich and authentic look. A pleasure to give and a pleasure to receive, these gift baskets are perfect for every age group. Here are some examples to help you make your own New Year Gift Basket.

New Year Cookie Hat Gift Basket
Fill the New Year's hat to the brim with 24 mouth-watering assorted cookies. Once you've enjoyed the cookies, you can use the hat to celebrate the New Year!

New Year Goodie Tin Gift Basket
Fill your New Year snack tin with every confection you can imagine, including a bag full of Scrumptiously Delicious Gourmet Cookies. You can add chocolates and other different food items according to the recipient's liking.

Elegant New Year Gift Basket
Celebrate in style with the New Year Gift basket overflowing with an elegant collection of gourmet treasures highlighted with gold, silver and black. Mocha Chip Cookies, Chocolate Peanut Butter Popcorn, Pesto Cheese Biscuits, gourmet crackers, Cabernet Sauvignon Cheese Tin, White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies, seasoned pretzels, chocolate chip cookies & biscotti come together in this design perfect for ringing in the New Year!

Snack Well New Year Gift Basket
Who say's snacking has to be bad for you? With the bright & colorful design, you can select cookies that are low in fat. Low fat pretzels, Fig Newtons, Snackwells Cookies, assorted flavored fruit snacks and assorted granola bars add a festive touch to healthy snacking. Perfect idea for beginning those healthier New Year resolutions!

Votive Spa and Candle Escape
you can make a beautiful New Year gift basket with a gold wire basket with two side handles. It is a marvelous New Year gift basket and could be a wonderful decoration in just anybody's bathroom. This gift can include Shower Gel Bubble Bath, Body Lotion and Hand Cream. Add a special touch with a matching color Body Sponge. Scented candles are sure to complement the treat of this New Year gift basket. You can also include a pack of Chocolate Candy and a photo frame album as a keepsake. This New Year Gift Basket will make any lady jump with joy.

Summer Breeze Candle New Year Gift Basket
fill this New Year Gift basket with ten votive candles of three different scents like tropical mango, sunshine and vanilla. You can include a sack of lemon potpourri to make your aromatherapy more pleasant and complete.

Salsa Appetizer New Year Gift Basket
This New Year Gift Basket is a treat to every one's taste buds. For this New Year Gift Basket you can select a beautiful oval willow and rope with wood ear handles basket. Add Bistro Dip, Waterthins Cheese Twists Creamy artichoke parmesan dip, Savory Spinach Dip, Cheese spread, Classic Water Crackers, Cantina Style Salsa Mexicana, Deluxe Nuts, Fontazzi Butter Toffee Pretzels, Yellow Mustard. This New Year Gift Basket includes snacks for any taste and is wonderful and easy way to host guests.

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year To One and All

Top 10 Best Christmas Gift Ideas 2009

Are you still looking for the best gift for your loved ones this Christmas? Here are ten gift ideas that you can consider.

1.Nintendo Wii. A good gaming console for people of all ages. It is a wonderful way to have some exercise and at the same time enjoy right in the comfort of your own home.

2.Mens watches. Defining a mans image? How about partnering that suit or casual outfit with the best watches for 2009. Whether going casual or formal, you will find the watch that every man will like on online stores or malls.

3.Womens fragrances. Women would like to smell clean, fresh and presentable all the time so better get the best perfumes from a wide variety of options in stores suited for the dynamic women of today.

4.Flat Panel LCD TV. Elegant, modern, consumes less space yet functional? These flat panel LCDs will definitely fit these characteristics that you are looking for in a gift that every receiver will love.

5.Gift Baskets. The best gifts come in packages so why not give more than one gift to your loved ones. You can include all the things that the receiver wants in one gift basket to really make the receiver happy.

6.Laptops. Delighted with your childs grades in high school or is your relative starting a business? Give a laptop which they can bring anywhere for studying or business meetings that they have to attend.

7.Compact digital camera. Suited for people who have the eye for artistic photography subjects. With these cameras, they can have high quality pictures whenever they see a good subject to photograph.

8.PlayStation 3. Good for gamers who love who would like to experience unified online gaming. If you will get this gift, you will find a number of games to come with it at a price that you can afford.

9.Jewelry. A perfect accessory that would every receiver would definitely be thrilled to have. Whether they are men or women, you will find the perfect jewelry suited for them like rings, necklaces and many more.

10.Gift cards. Do you want the receiver to get what he or she likes for the holidays? Then gift cards would be the perfect gifts to give. The recipients would have the privilege to get something they really want.

With these gift ideas, you are guaranteed that the recipients would be thrilled with what they receive.

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Executive Gifts - Top 5 Gift Giving Ideas

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Knowing what to present as a gift to your coworkers is hard enough, but when you are looking to buy your boss or another executive in your organization can be downright daunting.  You don't have to stress out; follow our suggestions and purchase the ideal gift for the executive(s) in your life

1. Cigars for the VIP

Even if your executive doesn?t smoke, a box of the finest cigars you can afford will be a gift that will be greatly appreciated. Find out beforehand if your boss enjoys a good smoke now and again so that you can pick a brand he will enjoy. He will be proud to offer a fine cigar to his friends on the golf course or when meeting prospective clients. You can?t go wrong when you decide upon a box of hand rolled cigars as a gift for the executive.

2. Office and Desk Items

Items that the executive can display on his/her desk in the office are always a nice idea. You can buy a unique paperweight, a classy clock or even a folding picture frame for them to display family photos. Personalized stationary will be greatly appreciated as well.

You may decide on a special mouse and mouse pad for the executive?s computer. Choose a mouse that is silver plated along with a mouse pad to match to dazzle the executive. There is also any number to unique items used for relaxation such as an abacus, desktop gardening items as well as any number of items that will impress the executive on the move.

3. Personalized Gift Baskets

Personalized gift baskets are the perfect gift when you are unsure what to get for the executive. You can choose from edible gift baskets or choose one that reflects your boss?s hobbies and interests. You can order a gift basket, or if you prefer, craft one yourself filled with items you know the executive will enjoy. You might even think of including a spa treatment if you think your boss would enjoy the gift of relaxation.

4. The Wine Aficionado

There is any number of gift ideas if your boss enjoys the wine culture. You can present them with a decorated flask, unique wine glasses or wine sets that are sure to impress. Often a rare bottle of wine will please the executive on your gift giving list, or try a bottle of their favorite spirits.

5. Gadgets Galore

Technology has advanced and there are many gadgets and handheld devices that are quite affordable. You might think of choosing one of these to present to the executive in charge. Most people love gadgets and often don?t take the time to purchase these themselves. Choose a gadget that pertains to your boss?s interests both inside the office and out. You will be amazed at the many affordable options available. Be sure to include any batteries the gadget might use in order for the recipient to be able to use it on the spot.

Finding the perfect gift for corporate clients and VIPs doesn?t have to be difficult. Use your imagination and creativity to choose a gift that will be not only appreciated, but enjoyed as well.

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Executive Gifts - Top 5 Gift Giving Ideas

Gift Giving Etiquette

A few thoughts on gift giving etiquette for the approaching holiday season. Remember that each gift giving situation is unique, just as individuals differ from each other. Therefore the actual gift item will be very different from one person to another. Dinner or Party Invitation: During the holiday season you will be invited to a dinner of perhaps a "get together". Bringing a small gift to show your appreciation is definitely considered proper etiquette, not to mention polite. This could include a bottle of wine or a small personal gift for the host or hostess. Always take the time to wrap a gift. If the gift is worth giving, it’s worth spending a dollar on a gift bag and some tissue paper. Wrapping a gift is part of the spirit of gift-giving. Always include a card with the gift, and actually write a note in it in your own handwriting.

Gift Giving at the Office:
If you are new to your present environment find out what has been done in the past. If there is a maximum dollar limit, stick to it. If you are buying a gift for a particular person, not a general male or female gift, find out what that person's hobbies or pastimes are. A golf-related gift is ideal for the golfer or perhaps a lighter for the smoker or Zippo lighter collector. Do not be tempted to give a gag gift. They are considered taboo for the workplace, as are very personal gifts. Unless it's your wife, do not give a woman anything that is a real personal item like a negligee, roses or perfume. It's the wrong message. Homemade items could also be viewed as being too personal in the workplace. What you choose to give and how you present your gift is always the most important part of gift giving.

Is money an appropriate gift?
Always try to avoid giving money. It's more thoughtful to give a gift certificate or gift card, but only if you take the time to consider the most appropriate store or restaurant. Pick something that will be useful for the gift recipient. If the person has a long commute each day, a gift of an Auto Emergency Kit may be most appropriate. Giving gift certificates for specialty items such as food, wine, movies or coffee do make great gifts.

Thank You Notes:
Properly thanking the person that the gift came from is also very important. "Thank You" notes are highly recommended when a gift is received, regardless of the reason for the gift. The “Thank You" note does not have to be a formal or even purchased for that matter, it is in the sentiment that is the important factor and the thank you note should always be handwritten.

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History of Gift Giving

The custom of gift giving seems to stem originally from the Roman tradition of presenting the Emperor and each other with good luck tokens, called strenae.

As is often the case, this practice escalated perhaps in an effort to receive special favours or impress, so that more precious gifts were given, clothing, gold or silver items. This occurred during Saturnalia.

However the tradition probably goes back even further to the Babylonians, when the reincarnation of Nimrod as his own son, by his wife Semiramis, was born at the Winter Solstice (late December). 

In honour of this event Semiramis organised the cutting down and decorating trees (in Roman tradition they used decorated fir trees).

By AD324 the custom of Saturnalia was ingrained in the culture and the new Christian Emperor, Constantine, needed to satisfy both his new religion and the masses. So he converted Saturnalia into Christmas. 

Part of the gift-giving tradition of the western world is tied up with the gifts of the Three Wise Men who brought gifts at the birth of Jesus. Outside of the Judao-Christian world the Druids used to make a gift of their holy plant mistletoe at the beginning of each new year.


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What Is A Gift?

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A gift or a present is the transfer of something, without the need for compensation that is involved in trade. A gift is a voluntary act which does not require anything in return. Even though it involves possibly a social expectation of reciprocity, or a return in the form of prestige or power, a gift is meant to be free.

In many human societies, the act of mutually exchanging money, goods, etc. may contribute to social cohesion. Economists have elaborated the economics of gift-giving into the notion of a gift economy.

By extension the term gift can refer to anything that makes the other happier or less sad, especially as a favor, including forgiveness and kindness.