Saturday, January 30, 2010

Gifts for The Aquarius


Choosing Presents for Those Born January 20-February 18

Gifts associated with the astrological sign of Aquarius revolve around science and technology, intellectual pursuits, and eccentric hobbies.

Aquarius is associated with all things future-oriented, including science, technology, and radical political change. Aquarians often engage in an eclectic mix of unique hobbies and interests. Both physical activities and intellectual pursuits associated with this sign are highly individualistic and often quirky.
Aquarius Hobbies

Pastimes associated with the sign of Aquarius include:

* Activism
* Anthropological studies
* Astronomy
* Collecting unusual things
* Computer programming
* Hanging out in coffee shops or restaurants
* Humanitarian or volunteer work
* Intellectual and political debates
* Internet surfing
* Inventing things or coming up with new ways of doing things
* Paranormal (especially UFO) or occult studies
* Playing with gadgets
* Reading (especially books on philosophy, politics, ideologies, conspiracy theories, science fiction, fantasy, or occult topics, as well as comic books and graphic novels)
* Scientific studies
* Skiing and other individual sports (particularly snow sports)
* Socializing
* Traveling
* Video games
* Watching sci-fi or fantasy movies

Aquarius Gifts:

Based on Aquarius-associated hobbies, gifts for Aquarius include:

* Books (especially science fiction, fantasy, philosophy, politics, occult, science, anthropology, or paranormal studies)
* Coffee/coffee makers
* Comic books or graphic novels
* Computers and computer accessories
* Crystals
* DVDs
* Modern gadgets
* Motorcycles
* Restaurant and coffee shop gift certificates (Aquarians don’t usually like to cook)
* Science-based games or brain teaser books
* Skiing or snowboarding gear
* Sleds
* Telescopes
* Travel packages
* Unusual, amusing, or futuristic items
* Video games

Aquarius Colours, Patterns, and Designs

Aquarius is associated with exciting colours, such as electric blue and purple, as well as neon shades of blue and green. It is also linked with geometric and psychedelic designs.

Although the Aquarius ruling planet, Uranus, is associated with bright, splashy colours and patterns, Aquarians often prefer to wear monochromatic items of clothing, usually in basic shades of green, blue, or purple, though some Aquarians, being eccentric, dress in an unusual manner and may adopt an atypical overall style. As for preferred colours and designs for objects and backgrounds, Aquarian themes include anything that relates to outer space (planets, galaxies, stars) or suggests scientific, futuristic, and technological concepts.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Meet The Aquarius

Aquarius people are extremely open-minded, tolerant, extroverted, experimental and emotionally detached 

Aquarians filter ideas and even feelings through their intellects rather than their emotions, and are able to offer a fresh perspective on any aspect of life. Most Aquarians love conspiracy theories, speculating as to what various people might be doing behind the scenes and how this affects large groups of people. They also tend to come up with a variety of unusual solutions to the world’s problems, which range from brilliant innovations to crackpot schemes. 

Eccentric and Unpredictable

 Aquarius people are highly eccentric and usually prefer the company of other eccentric types. Easily bored and often restless, Aquarians seek out people who are original, creative and exciting, and sometimes even a little dangerous or unstable, in order to obtain novel experiences and have interesting conversations.
Aquarians are unpredictable, and sometimes get a reputation for unreliability as a result. They can be quite chaotic and scattered, and often reject social conventions, though they are susceptible to modern fads. They can be wacky and absent-minded, full of brilliant ideas but prone to highly impractical behaviour.

Aquarians are good creators and inventors. Most have scientific minds, suited for physics, chemistry, technical writing, work with computers, or the writing of science or speculative fiction. They usually have an interest in outer space, the possibility of life on other planets or anything futuristic. Many also have an interest in the occult and other paranormal or unexplained phenomena. 

Extroverted and Experimental

Aquarius people are experimental sensation seekers and may get into trouble as a result. They love trying new things and constantly seek out novelty and change. This is a sign in need of constant intellectual stimulation. Aquarians tend to have a wide circle of acquaintances rather than spending time with just a few close friends and family members. They usually prefer to socialize and work within diverse groups rather than alone or in simple partnerships. 

A Love of Debate 

Despite a stubborn streak, Aquarians are more open than most to listening to and thinking about the ideas of others. While they are not at all combative or aggressive, they love to give their intellect a good workout with a worthy opponent in an intellectual debate. 
Most Aquarians value intelligence and inventiveness over physical appearance and surface style. Lacking in prejudice, they tend to have friends of widely varying ages, cultural backgrounds and personality types.

Technological Aptitude

Aquarians fear boredom and need constant interaction with both people and machines. Most love modern technology, including computers, video games and gadgets. Aquarians usually have a talent for learning new gadgets, and tend to collect as many as possible. Most collect a variety of other unusual things as well, and these eclectic collections often end up strewn haphazardly around the house in an order that only the Aquarian can understand.

Generous and Bad with Money 

Aquarians are very helpful, to the point of selflessness in some cases. An Aquarian will give his or her last $10 to someone in need. Aquarians are just as likely to help a complete stranger as friends or family members. They rarely discriminate against anyone and are generous to a fault. As a result, they have trouble saving money unless the ascendant falls in an earth or water sign. They tend to spend their cash as soon as they get it. 

Humanitarian Leanings

Aquarians have a desire to do something on behalf of the world that will help those in need or suffering from oppression. They also have a strong sense of fairness, and tend to identify with those who are ostracized, oppressed, left out or persecuted for having beliefs different from the mainstream. Aquarians are extremely tolerant of the quirks, idiosyncrasies and strange beliefs of others, and are perfectly willing to stick up for unpopular viewpoints, ideologies or individuals if they feel that there is merit to them.

Tactless and Rebellious  

Aquarians are rarely purposefully cruel but their tactlessness and emotional obliviousness combined with their natural contrariness can be upsetting to more sensitive individuals. There is also a strong streak of anarchy to the Aquarian personality. Aquarians are rebellious and freedom loving, causing them to reject any form of authority. The positive side of this drive to question authority and established orders can manifest as a tendency stick up for the underdog, protest injustice, get involved in causes and humanitarian activities, and even work to overthrow oppressive governments and institutions. This zealous love of democracy and freedom spills over into their interpersonal affairs – Aquarians will not tolerate anyone who seeks to possess or restrain them. Relationships with severely jealous types are usually doomed to failure.

Independent and Friendly  

Aquarians are independent, friendly, progressive, open-minded and idealistic. These traits, combined with their rationality and logic, ensure that despite their unpredictable natures, they can act as stabilizing forces for those around them. Aquarians are rarely frightened or anxious and they tend to be confident and cheerful most of the time.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Gifts Capricorns Would Appreciate

Gifts associated with the astrological sign of Capricorn revolve around practicaland useful things solitary intellectual and fitness pursuits and music

Capricorn is associated with musical talent, solitary athletic activities, and all things practical and useful.

Capricorn Hobbies

Pastimes associated with the sign of Capricorn include:
  • Antique shopping
  • Concerts
  • Eating at classy restaurants
  • Financial speculation and investment
  • Home improvement
  • Learning new things
  • Making or listening to music
  • Practical crafts/building things
  • Reading (especially literature and non-fiction on topics such as business/finance, music, humour, politics, and fitness)
  • Running
  • Tennis, squash, and badminton
  • Visiting museums and galleries
  • Walking/hiking

Capricorn Gifts:

Based on Capricorn-associated hobbies, gifts for Capricorn include:
  • Antiques
  • Books (both fiction and nonfiction, preferably serious and literary, educational, or humourous)
  • Musical instruments
  • Classy, understated clothing and accessories (nothing too flashy) – preferably in dark or neutral colours
  • Clocks
  • Concert tickets
  • Craft supplies
  • Electronic equipment
  • Electronic organizers
  • Fine arts and collectables
  • Good quality furniture
  • Hand-sewn cushions
  • High-quality housewares (ceramic, stoneware, or glass rather than plastic)
  • Hiking gear
  • Music
  • Restaurant gift certificates
  • Running gear
  • Stereo systems
  • Tennis rackets
  • Watches
Overall, when buying for Capricorn, it’s best to choose things that are useful, practical, and likely to last. Capricorns tend to prefer things that are established or eternal to passing fads and temporary fashions. Classically elegant clothing, accessories, and housewares are usually preferred to trends that come and go, unless the ascendant falls in a more playful sign, such as Gemini, or a more ostentatious sign, such as Leo.

Capricorn Colours, Patterns, and Designs

Capricorn is associated with traditional power colours such as gray and black. This Saturn-ruled sign usually dislikes splashy patterns and prefers monochromatic, uncluttered colour schemes that create smooth, unbroken lines or blocks of colour. Overall, Saturn and Capricorn are associated with colours and patterns that suggest conservatism, stability, solidity, and endurance, such as stones or blocks, as well as understated, classic colours, usually in dark tones.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Know theTraits of the Capricorns and Know What Gifts to Give Them

Capricorns are the most self-disciplined people you would ever encounter. They are serious, determined and mature. They deal with adversities head on. When the going gets rough, expect the Capricorn to get going.  Capricorns work hard at achieving their dreams. In their careers, they often end up in positions of prominence, earning the respect of others rather than simply asking for it.

Most Capricorns deliver their promises and stand by their obligations. They seldom stand people up or waste their time compared to people of other signs.They expect the same from others. They have low regard for people who are unreliable.

Very Civil and Funny

Capricorns have a great sense of humour that tends to be warped and sardonic. When provoked, this humour can become sarcastic and cruel, but most often they are inclined to be diplomatic, preferring to stay away from unnecessary conflict.

Capricorns are sticklers to tradition. They are afraid to try anything new because they feel more comfortable with has been proven reliable over time. They do not trust so easily and they hardly show their emotion. They are very much self-conscious and have this deep fear of being shamed in public. This is the reason they try very hard not to court attention to themselves. When they are down and weary, others rarely notice.

Capricorns keep their problems to themselves.  They would chose to suffer in silence rather than tell people of their predicament. They find it difficult to open up to other people and so have have a hard time establishing deep relationships but when they do, they tend to be very loyal, reliable and trustworthy friends. Capricorns have excellent memories, both for those from whom they owe favors and those who have harmed them. Being honourable by nature, they always return good for good, and some will repay a bad deed with vengeance.

Prone to Anxiety and Depression 

Capricorns often suffer from low self-esteem because they tend to be very difficult on themselves. This tendency toward negativity can become turn to depression if they’re not careful. They need to be more easy with themselves and not expect perfection all the time. Capricorns are also prone to anxiety, and this combined with a tendency toward cleanliness can in some cases manifest as a germ phobia

Wise With Money

Capricorns make wise investments and are pretty good at earning money from various sources. Unless the ascendant falls in a more careless sign, they maintain a balanced budget, save money and continue to invest wisely. They don’t feel secured until they’ve earned more money than they can afford to spend and have lots of possessions. Capricorns love fine things in life, and they are good at securing assets that are likely to increase in value. However, taken to the extreme, practicality with money can tip over into self-deprivation and miserliness.

Rational and Intellectual

Capricorns are very logical and intellectual, which can make them appear detached or even cold because they conceal their emotions so well for fear of being vulnerable. They are actually quite sensitive with those they care about, though they can be ruthless in business and when going after what they want. Their perfectionist natures can lead to obsessive-compulsive behaviours if they’re not careful. These tendencies, combined with the Capricorn work ethic, make Capricorns excellent business partners and providers unless the ascendant is in a less reliable sign.

Health Buff

Capricorns usually stay in healthy shape because most have a strong need for exercise, and they are not inclined to overindulge. Many are engaged in sports such as tennis, soccer or basketball. Regular exercise helps keeps off the negative feelings that tend to afflict this sign. Most Capricorns have an established fitness routine, or else they watch their diets. They tend to be on the slim side to begin with and are less likely to become obese or unfit than those of other signs, though having a more decadent ascendant can override these healthy tendencies to some degree.

Rewards Reaped later

Most Capricorns get more than their fair share of hardhsips in their lives, but the most of this hard karma tends to occur in the first half of life, as if the Capricorns are in a hurry to get it all over with at once so that they can move on to greater times in the second half. In keeping with this trend, Capricorns tend to age in reverse, looking younger than their biological age as they grow older and becoming more youthful and laid back when they reach middle age and beyond.

Old Souls

They are the old souls of the zodiac, they Capricorns. When they are young, they seem older and more mature than their contemporaries. Most view children their own age as immature and seek out older companions who are more on their level.

Capricorn children are usually good at entertaining themselves and not bothering others. Some Capricorns get picked on in school because they earn good grades or they are shy and withdrawn. Those with the ascendant or moon in a fire or air sign tend to be more extroverted.

Super Active

Capricorns are usually very active and have little tolerance for slobs. They tend to engage in productive activities in their spare time and most have many hobbies. You do not expect Capricorns to sit around in front of the TV unless they can engage in something useful while they’re watching or the program is educational or informative. They like to be busy and usefully occupied. Many Capricorns have musical talents, but most are too practical to do this as more than a sideline or a hobby.