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Executive Gifts - Top 5 Gift Giving Ideas

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Knowing what to present as a gift to your coworkers is hard enough, but when you are looking to buy your boss or another executive in your organization can be downright daunting.  You don't have to stress out; follow our suggestions and purchase the ideal gift for the executive(s) in your life

1. Cigars for the VIP

Even if your executive doesn?t smoke, a box of the finest cigars you can afford will be a gift that will be greatly appreciated. Find out beforehand if your boss enjoys a good smoke now and again so that you can pick a brand he will enjoy. He will be proud to offer a fine cigar to his friends on the golf course or when meeting prospective clients. You can?t go wrong when you decide upon a box of hand rolled cigars as a gift for the executive.

2. Office and Desk Items

Items that the executive can display on his/her desk in the office are always a nice idea. You can buy a unique paperweight, a classy clock or even a folding picture frame for them to display family photos. Personalized stationary will be greatly appreciated as well.

You may decide on a special mouse and mouse pad for the executive?s computer. Choose a mouse that is silver plated along with a mouse pad to match to dazzle the executive. There is also any number to unique items used for relaxation such as an abacus, desktop gardening items as well as any number of items that will impress the executive on the move.

3. Personalized Gift Baskets

Personalized gift baskets are the perfect gift when you are unsure what to get for the executive. You can choose from edible gift baskets or choose one that reflects your boss?s hobbies and interests. You can order a gift basket, or if you prefer, craft one yourself filled with items you know the executive will enjoy. You might even think of including a spa treatment if you think your boss would enjoy the gift of relaxation.

4. The Wine Aficionado

There is any number of gift ideas if your boss enjoys the wine culture. You can present them with a decorated flask, unique wine glasses or wine sets that are sure to impress. Often a rare bottle of wine will please the executive on your gift giving list, or try a bottle of their favorite spirits.

5. Gadgets Galore

Technology has advanced and there are many gadgets and handheld devices that are quite affordable. You might think of choosing one of these to present to the executive in charge. Most people love gadgets and often don?t take the time to purchase these themselves. Choose a gadget that pertains to your boss?s interests both inside the office and out. You will be amazed at the many affordable options available. Be sure to include any batteries the gadget might use in order for the recipient to be able to use it on the spot.

Finding the perfect gift for corporate clients and VIPs doesn?t have to be difficult. Use your imagination and creativity to choose a gift that will be not only appreciated, but enjoyed as well.

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Executive Gifts - Top 5 Gift Giving Ideas

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