Sunday, February 7, 2010

Zociac Guide To Gift Giving

Deciding on what gifts to give to someone requires a careful thought. After all, gifts speak much of you as a giver whether you like it or not. But making a decision need not be stressful. Make it an act of fun. In that spirit, let us take a humorous look at how each of the zodiacal signs favors certain kinds of gifts.

Aries  are crazy about anything fast, hot and red. Tools and guns would be a good choice and so  are exercise equipments, athletic clothes or maybe a red cap if you are on a budget. Now if you could afford it, You can't go wrong giving an Aries a diamond or an original portrait in oil.

Taurus  are so easy to please. They love just about anything and everything but here is the catch, they have to be on top of the line.   Anything that's luxurious is sure to please a Taurus.

Gemini loves anything that satisfies their penchant for reading. A good book, magazine subscriptions and anything that's a good read would do the trick. Stationary and communications equipment are also appreciated. Tickets, gloves, rings and anything clever or that comes in sets of twos will do the job for a Gemini.

Cancer enjoys antiques, sweaters, food and kitchen stuff. Whatever you give them, be sure to include a big hug. Throw in a few pearls and some silver. Give them a "family" gift.

Leo is easy to shop for if you can carry that much gold. Yes, gifts of gold are the thing for Leo. Anything classy and monogrammed will usually work. Theater tickets to the best play will also go over big.

Virgo is appreciative of practical gifts such as appliances and office supplies. A house plant and gift certificate for a personal massage is also good for Virgo.

Libra appreciates elegance. Candles, formal wear and mirrors work well. New clothes are good, especially anything with a top notch designer label.

Scorpio is easy to shop for, if you have the budget. Silk, leather, musk, stocks, bonds, sex toys and insurance coverage are all acceptable gifts for a Scorpio.

Sagittarius is easy. Get them something very big. Sagittarius enjoys imported specialities, educational gifts and travel accouterments. Season tickets work well for a sportier Sag.

Capricorn enjoys a traditional approach to the holidays, their traditions. As far as gifts, Capricorn was made for real estate, vintage wine and gourmet food. Give them a status symbol and you can't go wrong. Anything of lasting value will be appreciated.

Aquarius is easy to shop for. Get them tech stuff, gizmos, gadgets and anything futuristic. Helicopters and computers go over well as to artifacts from ancient civilizations.

Pisces can be treated to cameras, sox and shoes. Music of all kind is appreciated including CD's, musical instruments, equipment and concert tickets. Anything aquatic or nautical is sure to please a Pisces including boats, cruise tickets, a trip to the beach and a hot tub experience.

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