Thursday, January 7, 2010

Gifts Capricorns Would Appreciate

Gifts associated with the astrological sign of Capricorn revolve around practicaland useful things solitary intellectual and fitness pursuits and music

Capricorn is associated with musical talent, solitary athletic activities, and all things practical and useful.

Capricorn Hobbies

Pastimes associated with the sign of Capricorn include:
  • Antique shopping
  • Concerts
  • Eating at classy restaurants
  • Financial speculation and investment
  • Home improvement
  • Learning new things
  • Making or listening to music
  • Practical crafts/building things
  • Reading (especially literature and non-fiction on topics such as business/finance, music, humour, politics, and fitness)
  • Running
  • Tennis, squash, and badminton
  • Visiting museums and galleries
  • Walking/hiking

Capricorn Gifts:

Based on Capricorn-associated hobbies, gifts for Capricorn include:
  • Antiques
  • Books (both fiction and nonfiction, preferably serious and literary, educational, or humourous)
  • Musical instruments
  • Classy, understated clothing and accessories (nothing too flashy) – preferably in dark or neutral colours
  • Clocks
  • Concert tickets
  • Craft supplies
  • Electronic equipment
  • Electronic organizers
  • Fine arts and collectables
  • Good quality furniture
  • Hand-sewn cushions
  • High-quality housewares (ceramic, stoneware, or glass rather than plastic)
  • Hiking gear
  • Music
  • Restaurant gift certificates
  • Running gear
  • Stereo systems
  • Tennis rackets
  • Watches
Overall, when buying for Capricorn, it’s best to choose things that are useful, practical, and likely to last. Capricorns tend to prefer things that are established or eternal to passing fads and temporary fashions. Classically elegant clothing, accessories, and housewares are usually preferred to trends that come and go, unless the ascendant falls in a more playful sign, such as Gemini, or a more ostentatious sign, such as Leo.

Capricorn Colours, Patterns, and Designs

Capricorn is associated with traditional power colours such as gray and black. This Saturn-ruled sign usually dislikes splashy patterns and prefers monochromatic, uncluttered colour schemes that create smooth, unbroken lines or blocks of colour. Overall, Saturn and Capricorn are associated with colours and patterns that suggest conservatism, stability, solidity, and endurance, such as stones or blocks, as well as understated, classic colours, usually in dark tones.

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