Saturday, January 30, 2010

Gifts for The Aquarius


Choosing Presents for Those Born January 20-February 18

Gifts associated with the astrological sign of Aquarius revolve around science and technology, intellectual pursuits, and eccentric hobbies.

Aquarius is associated with all things future-oriented, including science, technology, and radical political change. Aquarians often engage in an eclectic mix of unique hobbies and interests. Both physical activities and intellectual pursuits associated with this sign are highly individualistic and often quirky.
Aquarius Hobbies

Pastimes associated with the sign of Aquarius include:

* Activism
* Anthropological studies
* Astronomy
* Collecting unusual things
* Computer programming
* Hanging out in coffee shops or restaurants
* Humanitarian or volunteer work
* Intellectual and political debates
* Internet surfing
* Inventing things or coming up with new ways of doing things
* Paranormal (especially UFO) or occult studies
* Playing with gadgets
* Reading (especially books on philosophy, politics, ideologies, conspiracy theories, science fiction, fantasy, or occult topics, as well as comic books and graphic novels)
* Scientific studies
* Skiing and other individual sports (particularly snow sports)
* Socializing
* Traveling
* Video games
* Watching sci-fi or fantasy movies

Aquarius Gifts:

Based on Aquarius-associated hobbies, gifts for Aquarius include:

* Books (especially science fiction, fantasy, philosophy, politics, occult, science, anthropology, or paranormal studies)
* Coffee/coffee makers
* Comic books or graphic novels
* Computers and computer accessories
* Crystals
* DVDs
* Modern gadgets
* Motorcycles
* Restaurant and coffee shop gift certificates (Aquarians don’t usually like to cook)
* Science-based games or brain teaser books
* Skiing or snowboarding gear
* Sleds
* Telescopes
* Travel packages
* Unusual, amusing, or futuristic items
* Video games

Aquarius Colours, Patterns, and Designs

Aquarius is associated with exciting colours, such as electric blue and purple, as well as neon shades of blue and green. It is also linked with geometric and psychedelic designs.

Although the Aquarius ruling planet, Uranus, is associated with bright, splashy colours and patterns, Aquarians often prefer to wear monochromatic items of clothing, usually in basic shades of green, blue, or purple, though some Aquarians, being eccentric, dress in an unusual manner and may adopt an atypical overall style. As for preferred colours and designs for objects and backgrounds, Aquarian themes include anything that relates to outer space (planets, galaxies, stars) or suggests scientific, futuristic, and technological concepts.

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